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Jan 12, 2013 10:00pm PST
this, it was with steve young's arm. 14 years later, it was with coldlin cappermake's leg. here is cap there in on a record night and after throwing an interception on his first try, look at this man go to work. nobody opened, i will run it anyway. how about a 20-yard touchdown to tie the game up at seven. tied at 24 midway through the third. this one as ahmadinejad design play -- design play. giving san francisco a lead, they would not give up, won and capperknack rushed for is 84 yards. we just saw him in the post- game comments and unflippable for a man this young to have had so much at this stage of his young career. we will recap as the 49ers headed back to back nfc championship games. back to you. >>> vern, thank so much, 49ers fans and their fevers running ramid as the packers took and early league and they made a come back. don has more. >> here is the difference about watching at a bar. candle stick is dark and cold but at the bar it is celebratory dancing and here is what it looks like when the 9ers were playing. >> groaning and not cheering as green bay scores first. >> it
Jan 13, 2013 8:30am PST
was looking forward to watching it today. >> i remember when steve martin was up for an academy award. i can't remember for what. i remember when they said and the winner is -- . >> right. >> they do the screen with all of the nominees. and the winner is somebody else and steve martin just goes -- . >> he was keeping it real. >> totally. [ laughter ] >> and because you know, as you said, ann, he's probably not thrilled to have lost that. >> no. >> and we have some numbers into the 20s in the bay area and that is how low they got. they'll recover to near 50 degrees and let's look again, shall we? we will have the beautiful sunrise around the bay area and gazing to the back-to-back suspect bridges on the west side of the bay bridge. san francisco at the airport has 43 degrees; san jose, 34 and santa rosa, still 28 degrees. a lot of frost inland this morning. it will be evaporateing in the coming hours. freezing temperatures again tonight, maybe cooler tonight and that was last night. we will, though, get more sunshine tomorrow, which will warm up next week. it won't be a dramatic warm-up, but
Jan 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
're very distracting to me. >> reporter: steve coleman says paying attention to traffic is hard enough. 100 of those bright billboards have been taken down in l.a. and denver has banned them altogether. >> i agree. they should outlaw them and definitely turn the brightness down. >> i think they're distracting. >> reporter: this driver says since her eyes aren't what they used to be she can use all the concentration she can get. >> i'm kind of visually impaired. it's hard on the eye and it's very distracting. >> reporter: the signs are everywhere. even here on market street. this one says no one should text and drive. anything to get your eyes off the road and on to their products. >> they don't really bother me as far as the distraction. >> reporter: according to a swedish study digital billboards hold the gaze of drivers longer than two seconds. and that's the reason most drivers don't like them but there are plans to install more in the bay area. the next one planned at the 280/880 interchange next to the valley fair shopping center. >> they definitely take your eyes off the road for a mi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3